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Dead Man
When you see your life before your eyes
It is time for you to die
You need to confess all your lies
But your still trying to lie

Your blood is still warm and red
Lying in your coffin and anyone looks at you
You had your last breath
'Till the man shoot at you


Dead Man
Your Dead Man
Dead Man
Your Dead Man

Your sorry for taking that ride
Anything could happened on the way
You were riding on that side
When this thing happened that day

You were on the emergency bed
You heart beats just a little bit
Suddenly your heart stopped and you were pronounced dead
Doctors tried to reincarnate

You were already on the seventh cloud
While doctors saying loud
He is

Dead Man
He is Dead Man
Dead Man, Dead Man

27.10.2002 @ 4:44AM

Dodato: 7.7.2020 23:50:02
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